Glencairn Memorial InstituteMoniaive Festival Village is set in the rural uplands of Nithsdale in Dumfries & Galloway.

Moniaive and its three beautiful surrounding glens, Dalwhat, Craigdarroch and Castlefairn has a population of just under 1,000 people.

Moniaive is fortunate to have two hotels and pubs and a well stocked supermarket with a post office, a chocolatier, three restaurants and a garage.

Moniaive Michaelmas Bluegrass Festival is held in the Glencairn Memorial Institute so no matter what the weather outside it will be warm and cosy inside.

Bed and Breakfast accommodation is available as is a doctor’s surgery, and a church. The village is the home of numerous artists, musicians and people involved in the creative industries.Winners of the Creative Place Award from Creative Scotland in 2015 Moniaive will be hosting special events between 2015 and 2017. These will be focussed on literature, visual and performing arts. Get along and experience what reviewers have said: ‘one of the coolest villages in Britain’ -The Times and ‘this buzzing little musically gifted community is probably home to more festivals per capita than any other place in Britain’ – The Guardian.